Fuji Superia 1600 a first try


I was kindly gifted some ‘fast’ film by @roo_roo_s on Twitter amongst them a couple of rolls of Fujifilm Superia 1600. I have never shot a fast colour film before so was very interested in how it would look

As per a previous post, I am putting up most of the shots, good or bad, well composed or not so I can see how it worked or didn’t in various situations and you can too.

The camera was my trusty Olympus OM1 and no filters were used this time.  I hope this is helpful for you all as it was for me.  I would also like to thank @TwinLensReflux on Twitter for the very helpful mentoring, reminding me that making the black colours look like black goes a long way.

Lunchtime overcast and grey:


Lunchtime overcast and grey, messing with focus points:


Lunchtime bright:


Night clear weather:


Lunchtime under cover:


Nightime under Station lights:



Life on Mars

So for the Believeinfilm yearly redscale film challenge (checkout #Bifscale17 on Twitter & Instagram for everybody’s  great shots and the Believeinfilm social media accounts) I thought I would try something a bit fun and different.

As redscale gives a certain other worldly look, I went with my Olympus OM1n, a +3 close up filter, Rollei Redbird 400 and a space travelling friend.

here are the best ones, there were a couple more but they ended being totally underexposed.

so please enjoy my Life on Mars little set.