The Littlest Holga

My Holga has gone on a little journey. I am trying to learn a new camera so knew the Holga was going to get very little use. I was originally going to give it away but Ashley Williams on Twitter suggested I send it on holiday to people interested in giving it a go. There was no end of people who volunteered so this post is for them to help provide some guidelines.

The Holga now has its own twitter account @littlest_holga the plan would be for the Holga to make its way around the world taking photos of what it sees on the way. I will also set up an Instagram so we have a collection of all photos in one place as well

For those of you that are in line to meet The Littlest Holga:

The Holga comes with filters (coloured & special effects), shutter release cable holder, adapters if you want to shoot 35mm with it and if you are really lucky maybe even some insulating tape.

The idea is for this to be fun and for you to be able to shoot a few rolls of film with it and share your experiences. For those of you comfortable with it, I will give you control of the twitter account and you can run it how you see fit. Again there are no rules, keep it fun and let us know your experience with it. If you do not want to run the account that is also fine and I can do any updates. I would ask that you try and aim to send the Holga on to the next person within 2-3weeks of you receiving it so that everyone gets a chance.

The Holga list of recipients is as below and in the order you are likely to receive it.

If you change your mind, no problem just let me know. If I have missed anyone, apologies and send me a note. If you want to join in let me know. If you don’t want to ship internationally let me know. Basic premise this should be fun and not work.
















US, Mexico, Canada :











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