The Holiday:  Roll 1/10 Oriental Seagull 100

The third instalment of the rolls of film I shot in Malta.  This time it is Oriental Seagull 100.   I was sent this film (and the 400 version) by @Emulsivefilm (Twitter) 

My research tells me this is a rebranded film based on Ilford’s Kentmere range.  The lab that developed this roll and the 400 used the development guide for Kentmere.

I very much liked the results I got from the 400, so was interested to see what the 100 would be like.  (400 example below)

Oriental Seagull 400. Daytime long exposure

The 100 was shot through my Olympus OM1n, at this point in the holiday the meter was working.  What I did however find interesting was I set the camera meter ISO to 100, it was a bright day but the meter seemed to be telling me (against my instinct) that it needed more light, it just didn’t feel right.   This was interesting to me as I am reliant on my meter, yet when I shoot with my Holga I don’t use a secondary meter and go by instinct.  I am slowly learning to trust my judgement with light and scenes.  

Anyway back to how I got on with the 100.  I like the film a lot and if it is basically Kentmere will definitely buy some more.  In terms of the pictures I have taken with it in Malta I am pretty Meh about them, they are only OK.  I believe I rushed this roll too much.  It was the first of 10 rolls for the Holiday and we were visiting the city of Valletta and in my head I guess I felt the need to finish the roll that visit as otherwise I would get behind finishing the 10 by the end of the Holiday.

Anyway enough of the words, here are the pictures so you can make your judgement

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