The Sound of Brighton

If you follow this blog you may have seen my previous blog, The Sound of London.

This is where I shot a roll of Washi S one bright winter’s lunchtime.  As a recap this is an ISO 50 film that is used normally for sound recording.  I got surprisingly good results from that roll.  My plan was to try it in different locations and ‘record’ the sound of that city.  The film is a super high contrast film with pure blacks & whites and not too much in between

I used the same set-up i.e. my Olympus OM1n with an orange filter on the lens and based on the last set of results metered the same which was through the OM’s meter and pretty much as registered.

A quick note, I share this, as I get most of my film knowledge from those who put information out there and sharing information helps us all. Thus I hope this and my previous post helps those that want to shoot this film.

This post is based on the lab scans and at time of writing I haven’t seen the negatives yet, however I have no doubt the lab scans are accurate.

So how did I get on………really not good at all.  Looking through the images, it was very bright day, compared to the previous roll, the sun was much more exposed and the one thing I didn’t really account for was also that the water reflects the sun light.  So what did that give me for some shots, here you go, you may need sunglasses.


As you can see totally blown and bright white spaces.  No amounting of editing is going to rescue these.

It was the same in the actual town. So did I get anything I liked. Actually yes, but I have to be honest these are very much personal taste, they are not technically good but this film is not about technical perfection.  That said I present to you The Sound of Brighton warts and all.





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