Matt Parry made me do it

Those of you that follow me on Twitter (@givemeabiscuit) will know I own a Holga 120n camera.  You will then also know I hold no love for this camera and that is an understatement.

You may also know I really enjoy shooting slide film and that I personally only like slide film processed in E6 chemicals AS IT’S MEANT TO BE.

I am not a fan of having slide film cross processed in C41 chemicals.  To set the record straight here I have nothing against those that cross process it and who enjoy the unpredictable colour shifts they get from it.  I will jokingly tease them for it and give you a good old British frown for doing that to slide film but ultimately each to their own there is no wrong or right (except cross processing slide film, that’s clearly wrong).

Slide film shot through a Holga is not the easiest as you only have basic control so you really need the right light for the day.

Thus when I did a little film swap on Twitter with Matt Parry (@mparry1234) we challenged each other to shoot one of the films in a certain way.  Matt went straight in for my Achilles Heel.  Shoot a roll of expired Provia 100f in a Holga and have it proceesed in C41 chemicals.  So below are the images, most are as scanned and I make no further comment or opinion.




9 thoughts on “Matt Parry made me do it

  1. Thanks Matt. Hope your enjoying your Hiatus. Matt Parry is a bad man making me do this, his name is now in my little black book, highlighted and underlined.


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