Who was that?

I learnt through experience last year that it is good to have themes for my photography, that having a goal and themes helped me when I was out and about.

This doesn’t mean I can’t photograph random or interesting things whilst out with my camera, but having an overall purpose or theme helped me narrow down and not just take a picture for the sake of it.

In the early days I tended to theme a whole roll at a time.  So for 35mm, for example, that would mean trying to find 36 shots on a similar theme.  I took me a while to realise that I didn’t have to be so rushed and that actually my various themes could be a body of work over months or even years.  This is probably known already to most of you that are experienced, but to me it came as a bit of a revelation.

So today I would like to share one of my themes as an example.  This is by no means the finished article or indeed any images that would make a final cut, whenever that will be.  I also may start again using just one film stock only, who knows.

I am not a big portrait fan and also when it comes to it am very reserved in terms of approaching people to ask to take their picture.  I however like solitude and a bit of mystery but with a human element involved.  Thus my theme (and I still haven’t worked out the title) is around who was that person, where have they been, where are they going?

Hope you enjoy the images, many of which you may have seen before but maybe not tied together.




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