Cinestill 800T first try

I was lucky enough to recieve a roll of Cinestill 800T to try from @dizd on Twitter.

I was given a very clear instruction to rate the film at 500 when shooting it.

I also did a bit of research on this film online. A few tips were:

  • It is designed for tungsten/flourescent/candle light
  • avoid using it in open shade, strong window light & cool light
  • Use an 81 or 85 filter if I want to shoot it in daylight

So me being me ignored most of this, not because I think I know better but more because I like to try things and am a bit reckless (read that as stupid)

So what did I do different

  • rated at 800, sorry Diz
  • shot it in daylight, indoor, outdoor, day, night
  • looked up an 81 or 85 filter, it looked orangey, so shot it through an orange B&W filter for outdoor shots, because orangey

so below are the results warts and all, no post processing of the scans but obviously can do some major WB adjustments on the yellow ones.

Daylight,outdoor, lunchtime, bright light, orange filter:


Daylight, outdoor, evening, orange filter:


5pm, outdoor, no filter:


Outdoor, lunchtime, bright light, no filter:


Outdoor, dusk, through shop windows:


Indoor, lunchtime, fluorescent light & bright window light, no filter:


Indoor, night time, no filter:



8 thoughts on “Cinestill 800T first try

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  2. thanks for sharing your results! i really like the look of cinestill during the evening or in mixed light. though your orange filter shots were interesting too, specially the middle of day one by the water, mixing warm highlights and cool shade in a way, giving its own look.

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