Sounds like London

I thought I would share with you my experience of shooting a slightly different film.

I am normally very much a standard film person but now and again like to try something just to see what it is like.

Thus I bought myself a roll of Washi S film in 35mm.  Washi are, I believe a French outfit specialising in photographic materials and best known for their Washi paper.  The S film is an ISO 50 film normally used for sound recording (yes this was news to me, film specifically to record sound).

So I loaded it into my trusty Olympus OM1 and headed out in London. I also used an orange filter.

I looked on the internet to see what others had shot on this film and saw that it was quite high contrast Black & White.  It was a bright day and lunchtime when I went out so I was hoping to take advantage of the hard light and shadows.

36 exposures later off went the film to the lab.  I received a call from them the next day explaining that the negatives were very different to what they normally see and their scanners were having a hard job picking up the images, but credit to them they did a great job.  Below is a picture of the negatives so you can see.


Below is also an example of the difference a stop in exposure can make.  With the Olympus you meter through the camera and I shot this film at the correct exposure level according to the camera.  The odd shot I did bracket and below is an example of one stop difference (aperture not speed) it is quite a marked difference.

So anyway enough of the rambling, below are some of my favourite from the roll.  I will probably shot this film again as a treat or if I have a special project in mind but mainly what it made me think is how much I enjoy Black & White film and must get back to shooting more of it


12 thoughts on “Sounds like London

  1. Absolutely lovely work! Thank you for sharing your experience with this film (it’s one I’ve heard of but not yet tried myself). I look forward to giving it a go myself at some point! 🙂

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